How do I get rid of Dog Urine Odor on Vinyl Tiled Flooring?

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I have two dogs, a female and a male … they are living indoors and i’m out most of the time. They don’t pee regularly just after meals. I live in the Philippines and it’s quite hot, they do drink a lot of water which makes them pee a lot too. They do know where they should pee (just a storeroom, they just go there by themselves and to their business) … but the odor is getting worse. I need some homemade deodorizer or something that may be available not only in wal-mart or pet shops … (pet-shops here are not that complete) … thaks a lot for any reply …
Thanks for all the opinions, my dogs do get enough exercise, they take regular walks and get to play on the grass and do their do do’s … but at times they do have the intention not to hold it in anymore and just have to go .. anyway, i did put your suggestions into consideration and came up with an idea to build in an extension to my office (with water supply and floor drain)and put in a doggy door … giving them access outside to their thing and have the freedom to still come inside to lounge. thanks again guys ;)



  1. Malika says:

    Any type of bleach mix will help eliminate the nasty odors!

  2. *♥*Ruthie*♥ * says:


  3. daddysboicub says:

    hage you tried mopping it with bleach water, rinsing and then using another type of deodorizer? and why are they peeing inside? that is just nasty.

  4. teri t says:

    its not cool to just put deodorizer over it. you have to wash it too!

  5. Biggie says:

    try amonia. Scrub it really good and it should take away the smell and your dogs will not like the smell of the amonia. Good luck :)

  6. doglibra70 says:

    Seek a digester/cleaner to eliminate the odours permantely, use it on a daily basis and maybe invest in a doggy door for the dogs to go outside if possible on the grass.

    Vinyl floors are not ideal for doggies do do’s. Or take them out walking at each meal time and before bedtime it’s quite cruel to lock them up so often without good excercise (dogs are not meant to live inside for long periods of time).

    Deodoriser will just mask the odour and not eliminate it (wasting your time and money).
    I use a product called BIO PLUS (I’m from Australia) and it has a live enzyme ingredient that eats urine, faeces and any other organic wastes.

    Good Luck I hope you can find something.

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