How do I get rid of Dog Urine Odor on Vinyl Tiled Flooring?

December 3rd, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

I have two dogs, a female and a male … they are living indoors and i’m out most of the time. They don’t pee regularly just after meals. I live in the Philippines and it’s quite hot, they do drink a lot of water which makes them pee a lot too. They do know where they should pee (just a storeroom, they just go there by themselves and to their business) … but the odor is getting worse. I need some homemade deodorizer or something that may be available not only in wal-mart or pet shops … (pet-shops here are not that complete) … thaks a lot for any reply …
Thanks for all the opinions, my dogs do get enough exercise, they take regular walks and get to play on the grass and do their do do’s … but at times they do have the intention not to hold it in anymore and just have to go .. anyway, i did put your suggestions into consideration and came up with an idea to build in an extension to my office (with water supply and floor drain)and put in a doggy door … giving them access outside to their thing and have the freedom to still come inside to lounge. thanks again guys ;)


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